By Dr Paawan Wadhawan(M.D Medicine)

Triorigin model of the dominant types of medical therapies in world


Hetero is allopathic medicine (Modern medicine)…..very good in acute emergencies i.e hetero conditions but no cure for chronic problems. Till now allopathic medicine has not found any cure for any disease except for few infections. Patients of diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma,Copd,allergies,psoriasis,acidity,constipation,ischemic heart disease,angina etc etc are taking medicines for whole of their life but their condition slowly keeps on deteriorating.

Traditional medicine likeHomeopathy,Ayurveda, Unani,Siddha, Chineseacupuncture, Osteopathy,Alexandertechnique,Reflexology,Chiropathy,Anthroposophic medicine etc are wonderful in chronic conditions but not at present recommended in acute emergencies so they are homo.


Miraculous healings done by saints like Jesus,Sai baba,Buddha etc through M particles is neuto so very hard to find these saints but can cure any condition in seconds. Also

Reiki,Pranic,Merlin,Magnifiedhealing,Melchizedek method and other energy healings and Hypnotherapy come under neuto type as the healing power of a practitioner depends upon how much easily he can connect to zero.


SUJOK under evolution of Triorigin model is NEUTRO medicine as correspondence system being homo counterpart works miraculously in hetero acute emergencies ,meridians and triorigin etc being hetero counterparts can cure any homo conditions. Proof of sujok being neutro comes from fact that it is still continuously evolving. Being  neutro science it not only treats a pt but also upgrades the pt by tai chi,smile meditation etc.being neutro it is not only medicine of disease but of any aspect of life i.e using triorigin life acu one can solve moneyjob,relation problem and triorigin time acu can do any thing for u.


So to all sujok therapists…..hang on guys we are the future.