During the later days of Proffessor Park Jae Woo, he taught  Direction therapy as most fundamentalest in influencing the disease and how to cure that disease by just a change of direction.

During the Smile Meditation and research work a new upgraded consciousness was channeled which is also very  fundamental in maintaining health……..

This consciousness has directly come from him.
His wish to upgrade Mankind to be disease free and healthy now seems to manifest so that era of  Smile Civilisation starts.

It is the claim of MEDISUJOK.COM that after attainment of this consciousness one can totally cure him/her self from
1. Diabetes
3. Coronary artery disease /Ischemic heart disease
4. Autoimmune diseases like SLE,RA etc

We have realized in past few years that in the above mentioned disease it was difficult to completely cure the patients with therapies available.
If the therapist was able to bring the BP / sugar  level down with his sincere effort it would again rise up after some time .
One can feel something was missing.
This missing link could only be found with Triorigin Consciousness, the fundamental law, which governs this Universe.

To understand Triorigin forces of Hetero  (Brahma  ), Homo(Shiva ),Neutro ( Vishnu) one should refer to various Sujok websites commonly available on Internet.

Human being receives 4 kind of energies from the nature in order to sustain his existence. These 4 energies are also governed by TRIORIGIN MODEL ,the most fundamental model of this Universe…….



Sunlight is the most fundamental resource of ki which is must for existence of earth and it’s living Species …..Neuto.
Food Ki being most varied type becomes Hetero. Many kind of foods with many tastes has hetero   characterstics.
One can not eat same type of food repeatedly, We are always in search of making some different food all the times makes it Hetero .

Air contains oxygen Ki which nourishes our cells, also when we breathe air we also inhale Prana via activation of diaphragm meridian and core meridians i.e Ingla. ..Pingla and Sushmna Nadis.
So via respiratory system we inhale 2 types of ki i.e O2 and Prana and it  is a never changing constant process so it becomes Homo.
Water ‘the aqua ki’ has neutro character as water contains all other 3 i.e
1.Heat of sunlight when exposed to it ,you can see reflection of sun in water ,also sun is worshiped by offering water to rising sun.
2. Water contains oxygen in it.
Water has prana energy in it i. e when water is thrown on a unconscious person to wake him up.
3.Water has food energy in the form of minerals found in it i. e  glaciers and mountain falls.
4.Water has neutro properties as it can nullify all -ve energies and can dissolve all wastes in it to make Human body fresh.

Now we need to focus on food ki because only this component of vital energies has been drastically shaken by changing human habits and industrialization.

To attain more deeper insights we must study the Triorigin model of various kinds of food available.



Sunlight is the natural resource of vitamin D only which can discipline the most important electrolyte of human body ‘calcium ‘.
Recent medical data suggest that vitamin D has anticancer properties, it can decrease cholesterol level, reduce risk of heart attack,improves bone density,improves bronchial asthma and COPD.
Every year new benefits of natural vitamin D are been released.
Because of its Neuto nature unlimited benefits of sunlight and vitamin D will  be known in near future.


Hetero nature food is animal origin food  and dairy foods.
1.All animals have hetero nature ,as they can be seen wandering here and there without reason.
2. Animal food and milk are very rich in energy so very good for  hetero kind of heavy load ,long standing high effort working .
Gives very high Calcium and protein. One must do heavy exercise or work in order to digest this food.
3. If we study the history of mankind  then it can be stated that man started taking hetero  food because of the heavy effort required in his works in forests,lands. He had to walk for whole day, cut trees and do heavy work on agricultural lands as no electrical or modern equipment was available.
Also he started taking milk of cow and buffaloes as he understood that these animals can lift heavy loads, can work whole day and can withstand the hotness of sunlight for long time.
Milk is anabolic in nature, it contains heavy dose of calories, proteins. Also milk contains high quantity of calcium which can only be handled by heavy amount of vitamin D achieved by 6 to 7 hours of sunlight exposure .

But today’s era we don’t work hard. So very difficult to handle this heavy amount  of energy and calcium.

Also both milk and non veg food cause autoimmune diseases and cancer.HOW?



What ever we eat our immune system checks it’s antigenic structure.
Now the protein of the milk is called casein and it’s amino acid no is 17,same is the no of beta cells of pancreas.
So when we drink milk repeatedly immune system opsonizes the casein and digests it but  slowly by repeated exposure of milk it gets confused and starts considering beta cells of pancreas as foreign body like milk and starts digesting it. Slowly beta cells are destroyed and patients becomes diabetic.

Also A2 beta casein which was found in the original Desi Indian cow has been changed to A1 beta casein of Breeded species of Jarsi cow.Indian cow used to give only 4 litres of milk in a day,so Industries took help of genetic engineering and they produced a breed of cow and pig….THE JARSI COW,it gives 20 to 30 litres of milk per day.But this milk contains A1Beta casein which acts like a poison to body.

Also suppose you eat liver of a animal and your immune system will read it’s antigenic structure to help in its digestion , the antigenic structure of this liver will resemble slightly with human liver, slowly immune system will get confused and start reading as your own liver as a foreign particle and will destroy it.In comparison plant based food will never confuse immune system as plants have no resemblence with human being.So no chance of getting any autoimmune disease or cancer with plant food.
Hence it can be concluded that all kind of animal based food and milk products are not neutral food but hetero food and will cause hetero kind of autoimmune disorders and cancer in human body.

Now let’s discuss about Homo category of foods …..all packed food with preservative added in it is Homo food.There is no living force in them.

Homo must contain hetero inside it.
So both plant food or animal food or milk if packed with preservatives becomes Homo food.
Properties of these foods are
1 . Their shelf life will be in years as they contain special chemicals.
2 . Their consumption will cause obesity,weight gain, lethargy and homo disease in the body.
3.All Industries are involved in production of Homo foods.
Because this food will not decompose easily so their business will flourish.
4. Examples are biscuits, cakes, breads,cold drinks,packed juices, freezer meat, packed vegetables or nuts,all kind of oils are homo as they have added chemicals so that they are not decomposed easily.


Let’s now talk about neutro food.
If we take a piece of fresh orange and see it under the microscope you will find moving live enzymes in it,if you see any packed food or packed juices in microscope you can’t find them. There is no living force in packed food.See the attached video……

This live bio force found in fresh vegetables has a genetic code like human beings that it has to reach a particular part of body for a specific work.
These living enzymes are protein in nature and they get coagulated if food is cooked at high temperature.
THIS Is known as POSTAL SYSTEM OF FRESH PLANT BASED FOOD that each vegetable, pulse or fruit has living enzymes which are preprogrammed by the nature for a specific task.
If we understand the consciousness of the living organisms then

a.Microbes i.e bacteria ,viruses,fungus,parasite have the consciousness to just grow and cover everything else.

b.Animals have consciousness of just taking from the nature,they never help others or give something to the nature ,they are selfish and always busy in eating,producing or sleeping.

c.Humans have a mix consciousness of both taking and giving from the society and the nature .

d.The highest level of consciousness is with plants and trees.They just help the society and nature.A tree gives oxygen,gives protection from sunlight,gives fruits and vegetable to eat,gives flowers to smile,gives its own body i.e wood to make houses ,clothes,paper and to cook.THEY JUST HELP.This is the nature of neutro so if we take this highest level of consciousness in our food we will become disease free.

Pulses or seeds when cooked loose their consciousness and bio energy in heat,but when these pulses are put in neutro nature of fresh water they get sprouted.One sprouted seed can grow into a tree ,that tree can give rise to next 100 trees,these 100 trees can make 1000 forests which can feed whole world.This much of bio energy can be seen in one single uncooked raw seed.

Cooking at high temp. or frying destroys the bio energy of plants.

So all pulses should be eaten raw after sprouting them,all vegetables can be eaten raw or better steamed in a steamer for 20 min in order to maintain its bio energy.

Fruits should be eaten in heavy amount as they contain a lot of enzymes and antioxidants.

So it can be concluded that if we shift to Neutro food we will become disease free.

Details of this neutro food are given in the power point below.


This powerpoint presentation was presented in a seminar on “reversal of diabetes naturally”which was conducted in panipat on 6th june 2015.


A detailed seminar on “Triorigin food consciousness” has been planned on 22nd November in New Delhi.It will be a 6 hr workshop.Interested people can contact DR PAAWAN WADHAWAN via email id paawanwadhawan@yahoo.co.in or drop a whats app message at 8396800016.

Smile thanks to Professor Park Jae Woo ,we feel Blessed.

This beautiful addition of “Triorigin Food consciousness “now completes our missing link in conquering all kinds of disease.