The coronary circulation The left main and right coronary arteries arise from the left and right sinuses of the aortic root, distal to the aortic valve . Within 2.5 cm of its origin, the left main coronary artery divides into the left anterior descending artery (LAD), which runs in the anterior interventricular groove, and the left circumflex artery (CX), which runs posteriorly in the atrioventricular groove. The LAD gives branches to supply the anterior part of the septum (septal perforators) and the anterior, lateral and apical walls of the LV. The CX gives marginal branches that supply the lateral, posterior and inferior segments of the LV. The right coronary artery (RCA) runs in the right atrioventricular groove, giving branches that supply  the RA, RV and inferoposterior aspects of the LV. The posterior descending artery runs in the posterior interventricular groove and supplies the inferior part of the interventricular septum. This vessel is a branch of the RCA in approximately 90% of people (dominant right system) and is supplied by the CX in the remainder (dominant left system). The coronary anatomy varies greatly from person to person and there are many normal variants™. The RCA supplies the sinoatrial (SA) node in about 60% of individuals and the AV node in about 90%. Proximal occlusion of the RCA therefore often results in  sinus bradycardia and may also cause AV nodal block. Abrupt occlusions in the RCA, due to coronary thrombosis, result in infarction of the inferior part of the LV and often the RV. Abrupt occlusion of the LAD or CX causes infarction in the corresponding territory of the LV, and occlusion of the left main coronary artery is usually fatal.

So aortic outlet as origin of coronary arteries become Neuto,
Hetero -Right coronary artery is single,if blockade of this artery results in bradycardia i.e slowing of heart rate  which means it must be carrying Hetero energy  blockade of which will result in a homo condition i. e bradycardia.
Homo- Left coronary artery divides into 2 branches -LAD and LCX so it is Homo. Blockage of this artery results in tachycardia i.e fast heart rate, so this artery must be carrying Homo energy blockade of which will result in a hetero condition i.e tachycardia.
Among 2 branches of Left  coronary artery LAD traverses straight down in a line so it is Hetero while LCX takes a curves and traverses in a circle backwards so it is Homo.
The above  mentioned classification should  work in 90 % of cases when the cardiologist tells  you Right  coronary artery is dominant and heart rate follows the above rules, but if there are some variations in anatomy when Left side is dominant one may decide upon criterias  of heart rate seen on blockade of that particular  coronary artery.
Ex. 100% blockade in RCA in a patient, heart rate is 50 per min———————————
Triorigin formula is body is Homo, Functional system is Hetero,system in chest is Homo, Circulatory system is Homo, Heart circulation is Neuto,  coronary artery  is Hetero, RCA is Hetero —–sedate homo, tone hetero,tone neutro.
Smile thanks to Prof. Park Jae Woo for this beautiful gift of triorigin consciousness.