Ok guys lets treat leukemias. We have two types of layer system in triorigin. Structural type has bones as homo,functional type has bones as neuto. In functional bones neuto is bone marrow where the blood cells and bone cells are produced. Bone marrow is of two types red marrow(HE) produces blood cells and yellow marrow(HO) produces bone cells and supports the red marrow. Stem cells of Red bone marrow produce 2 type of blast cells -myeloblast and lymphoblast.myeloblast give rise to rbc, wbc and platelets, lymphoblast give rise to Tcell and B cell.Now main function of T and B cell is only defence of body so lymphoblast is homo while rbc, wbc, platelet are actively involved in many function so Myeloblast is hetero(in myeloblast RBC is hetero,Wbc is homo,platelets neuto, plasma is neutro).



There are only 2 types of leukemias lymphoblastic and myeloblastic of which have many subtypes .In lymphoblastic leukemia lymphoblast grow very fast,in myeloblastic leukemia myeloblast grow very fast. TREATMENT STEPS OF LEUKEMIA IN TRIORIGIN ACUPUNCTURE-Ho is body,Ho is layer system,No is functional bones,No is bone marrow where HE is red marrow of which Ne is cells of red bone marrow in which He is Myeloblast and HO is lymphoblast.so according to type of leukemia u can sedate He, tone HO ,tone Ne in the lymphoblast(ho joint of he finger) or Myeloblast(he joint of he finger). also mind channel will be more effective to sedate minds of Myeloblast and Lymphoblasts.