calcaneal spur


Calcaneal spur or heel spur is calcium deposit (osteophyte) on the back or underside of the heel bone (Calcaneus).

A spur which develops on the underside of Calcaneus bone usually occurs as a response to plantar fascitis a painful inflammation of plantar fascia (fibrous band of connective tissue which connects calcaneus with toes).

A spur on the back of Calcaneus occurs where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel and is also called as Achilles Calcific Insertional Tendinosis (AICT). It is often large, can be felt through the skin and generally visible to the naked eye.
Calcaneal spurs are caused when foot muscles and ligaments are exposed to constant stress, stretching of plantar fascia and repeated tearing of the membrane that covers the heel bone causing calcium deposits on the bottom of heel. Usually these deposits don’t cause any problems, but when they repeatedly pile up then they form a spur and cause heel pain.
Running or jogging on hard surfaces, ill-fitting shoes, flat foot, high arches on feet, obesity are also some of the causes.
Usually the cause of the pain is not the heel spur but the soft-tissue injury associated with it.

What can you do to prevent Calcaneal spurs ?
Wear well-fitting shoes, use shock-absorbent soles, do warm up and stretching exercises before each physical activity, lose weight if obese, give rest to stressed muscles and tendons.

Treatment via sujok
Give good stimulation of foot correspondence area specially by mini moxa.
Via zone sujok ki v4 ZONE for left foot and v5 ZONE for right foot are effective in most of cases .
In some cases v3 and v6 ZONES may be effective when spur is laterally placed in foot.If spur is located on insertion of achilles tendon then v3 or v5 LINES may be effective.

In six ki….. both legs are are coldness.We choose to work on yin side as it is a yin phenomenon .We take spin distribution(front.back type) of legs given on pg 180 of six ki book .Plantar side of left foot is Ah IV and right foot is Um IV.Bones of foot are coldness. Calcaneum bone is coldness in foot bones.
Energy analysis in calcaneum bone shows VI excess in form of intense pain , spasm,calcium deposit on bone with I excess in the form of aggravation of symptom during movement.
Also Plantar fascia which is a integument (V) is inflamed also.
Now when we treat structurally older points of six ki were very effective ……. H- D – intention needle on j for left foot and on I for right foot -H-H- – -( I sedate,VI sedate ,IV tone) . This treatment when done on older points showed better results.
In newer points when we go functionally and after entering into plantar side of foot in D meridian and rent dryness then H opens functionally as plantar fascia in which heat sedation via new points can be effective.

Just EFT on H should be effective in most cases.

Dont forget essence of sujok i.e Smile Taichi and SMILE MEDITATION which is a must in patients treatment and his upgradation.
ONLY if patient understands that this is just a role given to him by Creator and his role can be upgraded on understanding the concept of Universal Drama he can be cured.