God created fingers in this particular order and size to give us a message and proof that TRIORIGIN and SUJOK are directly in contact with him.
I will give 4 proofs in favour of above statement……..

1. If we join and concentrate all the 4 fingers at the tip of  thumb very very closely and then just try to move one finger we will observe maximum movement in index finger ,minimum movement in ring finger ,average movement in middle finger and little finger can not be moved as it will come below the ring finger if we have properly concentrated all the fingers at one point on thumb.

He finger is index finger …Maximum movement.


Middle finger is Ne finger as it has good movement but less then He finger.


Ring finger is Ho finger ……least movement


Little finger is No finger …no movement as it gets stuck below ring finger once all fingers are properly concentrated at one point on thumb.


2. We all know hands are the main functional part of our body so they should be representing the functional order of triorigin model. As per functional order after Neuto Hetero comes then Neutro comes and finally it should end inHomo and then next cycle starts with Neuto again.In hand thumb as a controller of all 4 represents zero neuto,index finger has arised nearer to the thumb and is been proved to be hetero  finger with maximum movement in point 1 given above, then middle finger with average movement has arised as neutro finger,then homo has arised as ring finger which is again proved above,finally new cycle should start with Neuto as little finger which is already proved to be neuto .So these fingers have arised in this shape just to prove Functional order of Triorigin.

3.Numerically Neuto is = 0,Hetero is denominated as 1,Homo contains Hetero and is denominated as 2,Neutro is the largest and contains all above three and also denominated as 3.So numerically Neuto finger i.e thumb and little finger(almost of equal size) should be the smallest,Hetero finger i.e Index finger should be next largest ,Homo finger i.e ring finger should be larger then Hetero finger as Homo contains Hetero within,finally Neutro finger i.e Middle finger should be the largest as Neutro contains all with in.This is what has manifested in our Hand.

4.Index finger and Middle finger represent the primary correspondence of same sided limbs in both the hands while Ring Finger and Little finger represents the secondary correspondence of opposite sided limbs in both the hands.Indirectly we can say that IN THE LEFT HAND left arm is represented larger then right arm  and left leg is  represented larger then the right leg ,also,VICE VERSA  is true for RIGHT HAND.In the fig below 1 is always > 4 and 2 is always > 3 because 1,2 represent primary correspondence system while 3,4 represent secondary correspondence system.


Considering all the  above statements it can be stated that GOD created the fingers in strict order of functional TRIORIGIN  which also obeys the laws of Sujok standard CORRESPONDENCE SYSTEM i.e sujok is the only answer which universe has to the QUESTION