Essence of sujok system is that it follows HIS style of teaching which is based on mercy and not on merit. Mercy means there is more assistance given through love then through merit earned.
When Professor Park developed the Zone system he wanted that even a layman should be able to cure even the toughest of disease so that smile can be achieved by masses at an exponential pace.
This article deals with very simple formulas of dealing with Osteoarthritis of knee joint……
If we look on diamond system then leg can be considered as a independent diamond where knee joint will represent the external back wind chakra. So just by tonification or sedation of this external wind chakra by a byol magnet will give wonderful results in leg diamond of Standard Yoga correspondence system as shown in Fig below……..

With time as our understanding of zone system has developed we can say that almost all knee problems can be solved by simple Eft on…….
D meridian if problem is inner side of knee joint or
C meridian if problem is outer side of knee joint or
G meridian if problem is back of knee joint or generalised knee problem.
In case of severe problems of knee joint with last stage L meridian representing neuto power or darkness meridian will be very useful.
If a patient has problem of constipation or lungs problem in association with knee problems then B meridian could give results.
Very rarely knee horizontal line has to be used when pain is described by patient to be in a semilunar shape at the edge of patella as shown in Fig. ……


Wish you all smiling knee joints.