​As per Six Ki food consciousness 

Gall stones is coldness in GB. 

SO eat Green leafy vegetables more and more specially raw form. 

They contain a lot of nitric oxide which has hotness property of vasodilation. 

Specially eating Mint leaves or drinking Hunza tea is very good. 

Hunza tea is pure hotness. 

The main function of Gall bladder is to store bile to digest fats in the food. 

So gall bladder will squeeze whenever you eat fatty food to release bile. 

But it will pain as it has stones. 

Once you are on Maintainance diet of STFC which is 100 percent oil,milk and Nonveg free i.e totally fat free you will never have pain of GB  as it will never Squeeze. 

Also strong coldness in GB will be resolved by hotness force of THE GREEN GARDEN DELIGHT which is highly recommended in Maintainance diet of STFC. 

We develop GB STONES because of our high intake of fats in the diet because of which liver has to secrete a lot of bile which keeps on accumulating in the GB.

This high humidity power of bile makes both Liver and GB fatty. 

And we get a ultrasound report of Fatty liver. 

When we are eating a lot of fat our cholesterol levels get very high. 

Now body does not want to absorb fat so it brings coldness in GB by subjugation law so that bile is never released from GB. 

But even after that if person continues to eat fatty food and is trying to enforce so much of humidity inside the body then body brings both coldness and wind by subjugation and axis law in the form of severe Gall bladder pain coming due to movement of stones. 

Finally surgeon has to remove the gall bladder by surgery i.e Strong coldness comes to subjugate humidity. 

This is how over body saves us from getting a Heart attack. Because without GB we can not absorb fats. 

This is how SMILE TRIORIGIN FOOD CONSCIOUSNESS is the final answer to GB stones. 

Smile thanks to Prof Park Jae Woo. We feel blessed.