The founder of Su Jok Therapy – Prof. Park Jae Woo, a graduate of Seoul National University (1968, Korea).

He headed:

  • Korea Institute of Su Jok Therapy,
  • International Su Jok Association,
  • International Foundation ONNURI,
  • Su Jok Academy in Moscow.
  • Sujok association of India

He was:

  • Honorary President of the Su Jok Academy of India (since 1992)
  • Honorary President of the Belarusian Institute of Su Jok Therapy (since 1995)
  • honorary professor at the Pedagogical University of Georgia,
  • Honorary Doctor of the University of Physical Culture in St. Petersburg
  • visiting professor of the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Kazakhstan State Medical University,
  • International Academy of Sciences (Munich, Germany)


Professor Park Jae Woo developed a number of scientific fields:

  • Triorigin theory,
  • Theory of Six Energies,
  • Eight Origin Theory,
  • Theory of Diamond energy system
  • M Theory particles
  • Sujok Ki therapy
  • Twist therapy,
  • Taiji Smile
  • Yoga Smiles,
  • Smile Meditation and others.

Professor Park Jae Woo – the author of numerous books in the field of acupuncture and alternative medicine. Among them:

  • “The world Triorigin”, vols. 1, 2, 3;
  • “Su Jok Therapy”;
  • “Thumb – head”;
  • “Su Jok acupuncture,” vols. 1, 2;
  • “Lectures on Su Jok therapy,” vols. 1, 2;
  • “Onnuri Su Jok therapy,” vols. 1, 2;
  • “Fundamentals of Su Jok Therapy”;
  • “Energy Space”;
  • “Energy-time”;
  • “Atlas of the energy system of the human body”;
  • “Su Jok for all”;
  • “Su Jok Seed Therapy”;
  • “Su Jok therapy in emergency situations”;
  • “Be Your Own Su Jok Doctor”;
  • “Twist walking”;
  • “Twist therapy
  • “Triorigin spiral gymnastics”;
  • “Smile Meditation” and many others.

Professor Park Jae Woo was born March 11, 1942 in South Korea in the area near the mountain called Seven peaks of perfection. This, according to the professor, determined his desire and ability to bring everything to perfection, to see the missing links in the system, to understand the fundamental order of the world. He dreamed of a better world, keen to help people get rid of suffering, therefore, already a mature scientist, gave up the usual way, and became interested in the study of acupuncture. The professor read all the literature on the topic, including primary sources, and was surprised that it is not discovered any significant development. By the time he discovered a surprising similarity of the human body to the hand and thumb to the head and he realized that this is the key to a new direction in acupuncture. The professor called his method is simple – Su Jok, which means in Korean “Hand-Foot.”

In 1987, he published an article in the scientific journal of the Su Jok and in the same year opened the Korea Institute of Su Jok therapy. From 1987 to 2000 he  actively traveled the world giving lectures and participated in scientific conferences, which led to the rapid spread of the method and open centers for Su Jok on all continents. The most ambitious development of the method occurred in Russia and the former Soviet Union. In 1993, Professor Park Jae Woo has established the Moscow Su Jok Academy and gave her a big part of the tasks for the dissemination and description of the method, the study of the effectiveness of and to the development of new directions and testing of the tools and the publication of books in different languages.

He has done a lot of work in India .He was introduced in India by Dr Mohansalven in early 90s .His theory of six ki and Triorigin became a big hit in India.In India he discovered Smile meditation and Triorigin theory also volved during his stays in India.Today in India sujok has spread to almost all the states and many districts.Saurashtra university in Gujrat has offered a chair to Prof. Park in his respect and a museum has been built in his memory.Recently a big research centre has been opened in Nagpur for development of sujok.In india sujok is almost recognized by AAYUSH .All the sujok therapist in India are looking forward to get sujok recognized by WHO .

Since 2000, the beginning of a new milestone in the development of the theory of Su Jok therapy, making it the perfect slim shape in a complete system of knowledge about man and the world, not only in the method of treatment, as once started. At the same time, the professor discovered new methods of treatment and enhance the physical and mental health – Twist therapy, treatment areas, Triorigin Feng Shui, Yoga Triorigin Smile, Smile Taiji, helical (twisted) exercises, meditation, Smile.

He has written a number of books, music for meditation and Smiles Triorigin bodily practices, has trained thousands of students, has changed the consciousness of many people and probably a lot more time to do if it were not so intensely lived, rapidly, totally giving himself to people and beloved work . Professor Park Jae Woo, died 25 March 2010 at the height of the traditional March of the Moscow seminar at the end of their days as approved by the International smiles as he lived, with a smile.