Sujok is a wonderful technique of healing through hand and feet.

Six Ki is a wonderful and very advanced  technique of Sujok  .

Chickengunya is a epidemic which occurs in autumn season  in North India.

This Viral disease can be very effectively dealt with Sujok Six Ki Constitutional treatment

1.Joint involvement is Ah Wind.

2.Pain on movement is Ah Wind.

3. Fever is Ah Heat.

4.Inflammation of joints is Ah Heat.

5.Edema of Joints and body is Ah Humidity.

6.August and early September are Ah Humidity.

7.Severe Pain is Ah Dryness.

So treatment is…… Sedate Ah I, II, IV, V …….Tone Ah III, VI.

If you don’t Know Six Ki just apply the colours as given in diagram Below.

Wonders of Sujok . Thanks to Professor Park Jae Woo we feel Blessed.