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Watch “Gods Pharmacy -The Foods to cure Heart Disease” on YouTube

Top 5 foods to Reverse Hypertension 

1. Flax seeds 

2. Water Melon

3. Banana 

4. Coconut Water 

5. Hibiscus Tea

The above 5 items have been proven to be effective in curing High Blood Pressure. 

But they have to be taken in a proper way to be very effective. 

To know the secrets 

Join this International Webinar by Dr Paawan Wadhawan. 


Date 13 August 

Time 19.00 to 23.00

First International Webinar […]

Hypertension and Heart Disease Reversal Webinar 


Date 13 August

Time 19.00 to 23.00

First International Webinar by Dr Paawan Wadhawan.

Learn the secrets to reverse Hypertension and Heart disease  naturally.

You can join this Webinar right from your home  via your Laptop or Mobile Phone.

No need to travel anywhere.
Key topics…….

1)Epidemiology of Hypertension and Heart disease.

2)Pathophysiology of Hypertension.

3)How to stop BP Pills.

4)Reversal of Hypertension and […]

Brazil nuts vs Cholesterol lowering pills?

Eating just 4 brazil nuts in one month can decrease your cholesterol levels better then cholesterol lowering pills taken daily for one month.
This is the power of Whole food plant based diet.

Watch video below……

Diabetes can be reversed with home made food.








If one follows natural whole food plant based diet then diabetes can be reversed very fast.

Many people of have reversed there diabetes with home made food as seen in video above



Sujok and STFC for Gastritis 

Sujok is a wonderful technique of healing through hand and foot. Smile Triorigin Food Consciousness is a special consciousness of eating natural food based on Triorigin principles.


Stomach issues like constipation, gas, bloating may result from stress, consumption of unhealthy foods, as well as a reduced number of good bacteria in the intestines.

The following foods help reduce […]

Treatment of Dengue fever via Sujok Part 2

Watch “Triorigin and Pathophysilogic understanding of Diabetes” on YouTube

Lifestyle Disease reversal with Triorigin Consciousness

Diabetes monitoring chart with diet advice and comprehensive care.

Recently ISA conducted a specific pathology program in Sujok research centre Nagpur on Diabetes under guidance of Dr Zohar Yagil.
After understanding the Diabetes Pathomechanics deeply it is very important  for a Sujok Therapist to have a Diabetes monitoring chart of International standard which should also include the advice on diabetic diet and comprehensive care of full body of Patient.I […]