SU™ meaning hand and JOK™meaning foot. Sujok treatment is given only on hands and feet and it hastens healing when hand and feet are stimulated simultaneously.

The sujok therapy is a medical discovery of great importance for the mankind. It has raised the self-treatment, the self-dependent health care to a wholly new, higher level. Thanks to the sujok therapy, to its simplicity and availability, it has become possible many diseases, which require highly qualified and expensive medical aid, to be successfully treated at home, without special medical education. The sujok therapy has parameters immensely surpassing all the known self-treatment methods. It is also more effective than many of the approbated in the western medicine methods and drugs for treatment of different diseases. Unfortunately its popularity does not correspond to its qualities and possibilities. And this is due to the fact that the sujok therapy is a new discovery although its origin is in the remote past. It was discovered by the South-Korean scientist, professor doctor Park Jae Woo and the first scientific reports concerning the topic were from 1987. Its world-wide popularization still has been picking up speed. This is a long, complicated and high-minded process, which will possibly take a few more years but in the long run it will turn the sujok therapy into a part of the life of millions of people. We are filled with respect for the elaborator of the sujok therapy – professor doctor Park Jae Woo and with desire to help for its popularization.


The sujok therapy consists of two levels, two stages differing in their complicity and method of approach by the healing process.
The first level includes several treatment micro acupuncture systems located on the hands and feet. These systems look like miniature spitting images of the human body. They mirror the health condition of the organism and can exert an active influence when it falls ill. The first su jok level is orientated to people without medical education and it can be learned by every average intelligent person for a few hours.

The second level of sujok is an independent healing method based on the metaphysics. It is more complicated. Its learning requires some knowledge of the philosophical and theoretical fundamentals which serve as basis of the most eastern healing methods. During the years, after the sujok therapy had been discovered, professor doctor Park Jea Woo developed furtther his elaboration into a universal healing system, called Onuri medicine.

Sujok therapy uses

  • Correspondence system “based on similarity principle
  • Six Ki theory-based on Chinese five elements.
  • Triorigin theory uses powers of Lord Brahma(Hetero),Lord vishnu(neutro),Lord Shiva(homo)
  • Diamond system based on Pyramids of Egypt
  • Spiral system based on babble tower of Mesopotamia civilization
  • Zone system combining all above three
  • Number therapy, Mudra therapy,Mantra therapy etc