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Sujok-Painful Corn in the foot cured by just a colour

A large Corn in foot since 1 year which has become painful since 15 days was cured by just encircling it with a colour ….The colour therapy of Sujok Consciousness system.

On examination corn was slightly soft with dull pain so it was suggestive of ┬áHumidity energy so it was encircled with brown colour (Use of creation cycle in six […]

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Migraine cured by Sujok

Just pressing the thumb has cured Migraine of a patient.Migraine is a chronic debilitating condition in women for which there is no cure in modern medicine,one has to keep taking prophylactic medications.
SO beautiful Sujok is .
Thanks to Prof. Park.Jae Woo we feel blessed.
Kindly Share this video maximum to spread sujok awareness among masses.

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Sujok effectiveness in Skin disease.

This Patient was suffering from itching and eczema in both legs since 5 years and has shown to many Dermatologists,then he tried Ayurvedic medicines also but nothing relieved  his suffering.

Sujok diagnosis was Ah Anger domination and predominant involvement of the area supplied by K meridian.K sedation gave relief in 5 min.Treatment was continued for 1 month with K sedation […]

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