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    Treating Hypertension via sujok-part 1(Essential Hypertension)

Treating Hypertension via sujok-part 1(Essential Hypertension)

Affecting   1 billion people worldwide, hypertension remains the most common, readily identifiable, and reversible risk factor for myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, aortic dissection, and peripheral arterial disease. Because of escalating obesity and population aging, the global burden of hypertension is rising and projected to affect 1.5 billion persons”one third of the world™s population”by the year 2025.High […]

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Smile Perfection Mantra

We have many mantras in hinduism,buddhism,jainism,hebrew,islam to solve our problems,to bring prosperity and abundance,to attain enlightenment.

Once we understand triorigin then we understand that smile state(neutro state) is that ultimate state which when attained through above mentioned mantra types can solve problems instantaneously,brings abundance, prosperity and one is already enlighted in that state.

Mantra is the most powerful symbolic way by […]

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Treating Calcaneal Spur via sujok.


Calcaneal spur or heel spur is calcium deposit (osteophyte) on the back or underside of the heel bone (Calcaneus).A spur which develops on the underside of Calcaneus bone usually occurs as a response to plantar fascitis a painful inflammation of plantar fascia (fibrous band of connective tissue which connects calcaneus with toes).A spur on the back of Calcaneus occurs […]

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